Elinorr – electricity grid companies in collaboration
Elinorr is an association for electricity grid companies in southern/central Norrland and Dalarna that cooperates to meet future challenges in the industry. Through collaboration, economies of scale and skills supply, Elinorr offers members the opportunity to, easily and in good time, meet new requirements and challenges  from national, and above all European, legislation. And adapt the business to the same degree.

Elinorr's environmental monitoring, influence work and capacity to find common solutions enables members to maintain competence, and organizational development. In this way, Elinorr contributes to the development of local social benefits and focuses on reliability,security of supply, sustainability, but first and foremost on the electricity grid customer.

Elinorr's purpose is to develop the members' competence and ability to meet the electricity network industry's future challenges. We create effective work groups that are modeled after members' needs.

Elinorr mainly works locally but we also participate in the national and European social debate.
Through collaboration between the employees within our member companies, we create a natural exchange of experiences and efficient use of resources and competence. The synergies ensure the member companies' supply security, reduce our risks, increase our competence and reduce our environmental impact - all to ensure our long-term profitability.
Advocacy work
Through membership in CEDEC, a European industry organization for local and regional energy companies, as well as a proactive participation in the European association for network companies EU DSO* Entity, Elinorr conducts a very successful advocacy work at the EU level.

Elinorr dedicates itself to the proactive work at the EU level as few other Swedish energy companies dedicate themselves to it. With the work, Elinorr can present specific needs in the major issues that affect our industry and our operations and thereby have a major impact on the decision taken by the European legislator. This work generates that small local electricity grid companies can continue to operate.
Competence supply
Elinorr works with competence supply by sharing information and resources between member companies. Within Elinorr there are working groups with collective excellence knowledge, created depending on the needs of the members. The working groups contribute to an increased supply of skills, monitoring of the environment and education needs. Elinorr coordinates relevant education courses in which the member companies can take part in. For example, to understand new requirements or meet the needs of the future. Elinorr also offers legal services, which give member companies quick access to customized expertise in law, regulation and compliance.
Economies of scale
Elinorr – an enabler for joint solutions

Through collaboration within Elinorr's member companies, economies of scale can be obtained. Together we obtain resource/competence savings, financial gains and increased knowledge.

Within Elinorr, we carry out joint procurements, collaborate on research, get involved internationally and work together in working groups in various fields.

We gather the right skills from the member companies, which carry out environmental monitoring, analyze, interpret new requirements and laws, solve complex tasks and work out a joint solution that is applicable to all member companies.

In this way, we effectively meet new requirements and changed regulations without burdening customers with increased costs. The member companies save time and resources while also being able to take advantage of another member company's knowledge and expertise.

The economies of scale give the member companies a better financial condition to continue to be close to the customers - with local markets and their own headquarters.
Community benefit
Holistic perspective and societal benefit are always in focus for all of Elinorr's member companies, which ensure year-round reliable supply of electricity to approximately 300,000 households and businesses. Elinorr and our member companies closely follow societal developments and the analyzes take into account and include new needs and conditions. Elinorrs company members enable a long-term sustainable local community through reliable electricity grids with high availability as well as new business models with technology that meet customers' needs to create greater benefit at the local level.

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